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Indigenous Granite’s objectives and values makes us one of the best companies in this field. We specialise in providing our customers with exceptional service, high quality material and competitive prices. Indigenous Granite offers the highest shine attainable on natural stone to date.

work flow

Our manufacturing complex allows Indigenous Granite to produce the highest quality kitchen counter tops, vanities, bar counters and tables with a large range of colour selections. We integrate our entire range of business functions in a truly customer driven manner and around satisfying the needs of the individual customer. Not just marketing customer service and sales but material selection, machinery, production logistics, financial measurements and considerations.

use of technologies

Our endless pursuit of new technologies brings Indigenous Granite into the forefront of the granite counter top fabrication industry. Using the latest CAD programs we take the age old process of cutting stone into the future. Our computer touch screen workstations give our technicians the ability to operate in a 100 % efficient environment.

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Indigenous Granite has a unique system for:

  • Ordering counter tops with under mount cutouts already finished
  • Polishing the inside edges of cutouts
  • Installing mounting clips for sinks
  • Sink and faucet placements designed from shop drawings
  • Preparing cutouts for shipping
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The process

Granite blocks are positioned in the gang saw and prepared for cutting. The process takes approximately 72 hours to complete, depending on the material.

Once the blocks have been cut into slabs they are placed in the polishing machine where they are polished to perfection.The polishing line can handle a capacity of 60 slabs a day and delivers a high quality shine. Both the polishing line and gang saw are fully computerised.

Polished slabs are cut to size and profiled according to customer specifications. The Bavelloni is a CNC machine running on the CAD operating system which provides perfection profiling and polishing.

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